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DC-6GHz Low PIM 110dBc 4.3-10 5W Attenuators
Source: | Author:rfone123 | Published date :2020-12-24 | 297 Views | Share:
RF ONE run 3rd PIM tests on our three types of resistor attenuators: 4.3-10 5W, N type 5W and N type 20W. The 5W attenuators were measured with 2x33dBm tones, resulting in around 110dbc ; the 20W attenuator was measured with 2x43dBm tones, showing 125dbc result at 1800MHz.

Compared with the cable type low PIM attenuators, these resistor attenuators are advantages in its wider frequency range, tight attenuation tolerance, lower cost, lighter weight in a smaller package.  

More information can be found at Low PIM Attenuators(resistor type) 110dBc-115dBc or contact us at sales@rfone.cn.