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DC-40GHz Phase Matched Flexible Cable Assemblies in Low Loss and Phase Stability
Source: | Author:rfone123 | Published date :2020-12-08 | 354 Views | Share:
Cable phase is affected by slight variations in materials and manufacturing tolerances, even for two apparently identical coaxial cable assemblies, they may exhibit different phase characteristics.
RF ONE offers 40GHz delay matched cable assemblies in pairs that are held to phase tolerance as tight as within +/-1 pico second.

This is achieved by carefully controlling the inner and outer conductor dimensions, screening of dielectric materials as well as cable construction techniques.
Our PL series loss loss flexible cables are available in phase matched or delay matched cable assemblies from 18GHz up to 67GHz.

More information can be found at our website Ultra-low Loss Phase and Amplitude Stable Flexible Cable Assemblies or contact us at sales@rfone.cn.

Phase Matched Flexible Cable Assemblies