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New Product: DC-30GHz 100 Watt 2.92mm Attenuator
Source: | Author:rfone123 | Published date :2020-11-18 | 363 Views | Share:
The market demand for RF attenuators with higher frequency is increasing, meanwhile, higher power handling is desired for mmWave fixed attenuators. RF ONE has released the DC-30GHz 100 Watt 2.92mm attenuator for the applications of 5G, satellite communication and high power test setup.

It is in a compact cylindrical shape, measuring 99mm(L)*49.8mm(φ),10/20/30/40dB are from stock. Configurations of 2.92mm female/male , 2.92mm female/female, 2.92mm male/male are readily available.

More can be found  DC-30GHz Attenuator 100 Watt, 2.92mm.

100 Watt 2.92mm Attenuator