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RF ONE is an ISO 9001 certified supplier of high quality RF&Microwave components from China. Our team has more than three-decade combined years of experience in this industry.

We provide products ranging from military-grade SMP connectors to high power coaxial attenuators, main categories are listed below.  

●  ​Coaxial Fixed Attenuator (DC-40GHz/50GHz/67GHz, 2W-2kW)

●  ​Coaxial Termination  (DC-40GHz/50GHz/67GHz, 2W-500W)

●  ​Step Attenuator (0-70db, 1db step)

●  ​Flexible Cable Assembly (Up to 110GHz)

●  ​mmWave Coax Adapter/connector(Up to 110GHz)

●  ​Low PIM Components (170dbc termination/filter)

●  ​Waveguide to Coax Adapter (from WR12 to WR650, WRD750)

Thanks to our highly professional sales representatives worldwide, RF ONE has proudly been the approved vendor to Indra, Viavi Solutions, Teledyne Paradise Datacom and also supply via our global partners to ACE Technologies Corp, RFHIC, and Ericsson etc.